famille Saby

Saby Family

Winemakers from father to son for nine generations

Eight generations of Saby family since 1796 are in vineyard soils of Libournais coast, where there are renowned appellations as POMEROL, SAINT-EMILION and FRONSAC.

It’s during the XVIII century, that Jean SABY started what will become a « dynasty of winemakers ». 

Then Jean-Bernard SABY, as a worthy successor, added value to several family propreties located in SAINT-EMILION and FRONSAC. Today, it is the ninth generation which is ensuring the important vineyard, with Jean-Christophe and Jean-Philippe SABY.

They are both oenologist and graduated by Faculty of Oenologist from Bordeaux and Superior National Agronomy School of Montpellier. At their turn to bring their own new skills in the respect of tradition and authenticity let by their ancestors.


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